The Challenge

Brains and Hammers had a website with a poorly structured layout, bad blend of colours and images with it’s elementary design not aligned with the brand’s stature as a leader in the real estate sector.

We were tasked with building a site to enhance the brand’s storytelling strategies as providing serene gated communities and perfect living conditions across Nigeria to drive engagement and leads.

Brains & Hammers Website Wireframe - Developed by Check DC
Brains & Hammers Website Wireframe - Developed by Check DC

Using brick layouts

to build for Brains & Hammers

Phase 1 (Prototyping):

Brains and Hammers needed a powerful new website redesign that could offer streamlined user experience for both consumer and commercial audiences, while significantly improving their search ranking through a stronger content strategy.

As a trusted industry leader, they needed to engage visitors by showcasing their projects and estates, and also educate them on the need to invest in owning a home today. It was important to thoroughly understand their audience, and build out an insightful content strategy to drive engagement and lead generation. We developed good information architecture to support their website redesign goals and developed a clear, easy-to-use Content Management System to allow continuous content updates.


Color palette

Myriad Pro

Phase 2 (Design Direction):

The style choices for Brains and Hammers were about presenting the brand as polished, elegant, and trustworthy.

We deepened their existing colour palette, and brought in clean, modern typography. The new design balances Brains and Hammers' attractive imagery with breathable white space to showcase their content and messaging.
Real Estate
Real Estate

For being “a true innovator and pursuer of excellence in the real estate sector”

Brains & Hammers was recipient of the 2014 Leadership Newspapers Award for Brand of the Year.

Phase 3
(Bringing it all together)

The new Brains and Hammers website redesign is attractive and welcoming, just like their custom homes.

The site elicits an immediate emotional connection with visitors through engaging photography and design. Intuitive navigation streamlines the flow for both audiences, guiding a user journey through successful projects and company history. They continue to be  committed to being a construction firm that is known externally for quality, integrity, resourcefulness and internally for profitability and employees satisfaction.

Brains & Hammers
Brains & Hammers Website Preview - Designed by Check DC
Brains & Hammers
Brains & Hammers Website Preview - Designed by Check DC
Brains & Hammers
Brains & Hammers Website Preview - Designed by Check DC
Brains & Hammers Website Mobile Preview - Designed by Check DC

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